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Measuremet of steel construction

In order to meet growing requirements in terms of manufacturing accuracy of steel structures and taking into account strict safety restrictions determined in safety standards defining allowed deformations during operation, we offer services which allow verification of the parameters referred to above.
Our quality control in the area of steel structure geometry can include:
  • precise measurement of linear dimensions which cannot be measured by traditional methods,
  • determination of deviations from parallelism or perpendicularity of selected structure parts,
  • determination of inclination angle of particular structure parts (mutual or in relation to the structure axis).
We offer assistance during precise structure assembly works (i.e. marking off the axes, determination of height).

Our services will give you many advantages, such as
  • certainty that the structure is made according to the specification,
  • cost reduction by detecting manufacturing errors at the production stage,
  • minimum risk of possible quality claims for the structure manufacture,
  • better reputation and certainty of winning new orders.