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Machine papers

Checking and adjusting the alignment.

Our services include checks of all sections of a machine paper, starting from the forming section, through the pressing section, drying sections, all the way to the calender and sheet cutter. Misalignment of machine paper components
results in numerous errors encountered during its operation such as:
  • reduced life of felt,
  • dryer felt and dryer felt connections,
  • reduced life of rolls and cylinder bearings,
  • wear of cylinders and rolls,
  • uneven dewatering,
  • increased vibrations in drives and other machine components,
  • reduced life of couplings,
  • reduced life of doctors,
  • increased energy consumption.
Such defects have direct influence on the end product quality and effectiveness of the entire technological process.
A correct alignment check in critical parts of the machine paper and resulting adjustments will solve such problems. As a result, it is possible to achieve higher capacity of the machine (profit increase), and reduce unnecessary downtime and scope of scheduled maintenance (which means cost reduction).

Periodical or emergency replacement of individual parts of machine paper (bearings, shafts, cylinders, etc.) leads to misalignment of its components. Consequently, it is recommended to perform alignment checks after each repair or at regular intervals. Correct determination of adjustments requires an accurate geometry inspection of individual assemblies or parts (alignment check).
The facility owner looks for a service which combines such features as:
  • high measurement quality (high accuracy),
  • short duration of the operation,
  • minimum interference with peripheral parts (limiting the necessity to remove them).
Contrary to traditional land-surveying techniques, our methods allow the measurements that have been inaccessible so far. As a result, the measurement times are much shorter and a significant portion of the parts which interfere with the measurement do not need to be removed. The methodology based on the machine reference axis allows also avoiding errors frequently encountered when the measurements are made with the gyroscope-based instruments, such as transposition of the base roll or cylinder position error to the positioned part, influence of the quality of surface of positioned elements on the measurement results, and influence of natural deflection of the measured shaft on the final measurement result.

Complex measurement services during construction or modernization of machine paper.

Abundant measuring instruments and qualified engineering staff in 3P allow meeting the requirements almost at all stages of construction or modernization of machine paper.
Due to its proprietary, specialized solutions in the area of measurement techniques and tooling, 3P works faster and more accurately when compared to the land-surveying competitors. Our services comprise:
  • determination of the machine main axis,
  • positioning of foundation plates,
  • positioning of individual machine parts (rolls, cylinders, doctors, suction parts, slitter's components, separators, pulpers, motors),
  • positioning of various peripheral devices, such as storage conveyors, etc.

Restoration of the machine axis and establishing the baseline.

Correct reference axis which reflects an actual axis of the machine paper is an important factor which contributes to the success of modernization efforts.
Our service offer includes restoration of the machine axis which is the basis to establish the reference points. The final result is the full measurement control network of the machine (a set of stainless steel benchmarks installed in the floor of the shop. In addition, an important issue which should be remembered is the need to take into account all factors that change the position of the machine axis (movements of the building, temperature changes).