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Overhead cranes and its rails
Overhead cranes are a very important part of material handling systems, particularly in plants with continuous production.

Correct geometry control of the running gear of overhead cranes during operation allows determining its actual condition which is then compared with the design recommendations and the Polish, European standard.
Regular checks allow determining the changes that happened over a period of time. This helps in planning overhauls and maintenance in order to ensure efficient operation and keep downtime to absolute minimum.

We offer geometry measurements of the overhead crane rails and of individual crane parts (deflection error of the crane bridge, rails gauge, skew of crane wheels planes, and absolute positions of these parts).

The measurements are made in the horizontal and vertical plane with accuracies reaching 0.1mm which are beyond reach for other measuring companies and exceed the requirements specified in the Polish, European standard.

Scope of services:
  • geometry checks of the overhead crane running gear,
  • geometry checks of overhead crane rails and trolley,
  • geometry checks of drive components.

  • reduced energy consumption,
  • reduced vibration, noise and wear level,
  • reduced facility failure rate due to early detection of defects/irregularities related to misalignment of overhead crane components, and thus reduced costs caused by unscheduled crane downtime.